Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have the BEST husband ever!

Scotty and Griffin sent Me and Carly to Maui for our birthdays to visit Sarah! And Car's little sister Maddy came too, it was the best group ever and we all had a blast! Thanks so much Scotty!
Carly And Me Snorkeling
We went on a Whale Watching trip while we were there and it was amazing

Playing on the beach

Sarah Sue and Me
Car and Me

this is Sarah's dads gelato shop in maui. One morning i woke up with her and went to work making Gelato, it was a blast!

smile for the camera

Of course Maddy caught a lizard, if anything looks cute hurt or homeless she will try to rescue it!

we saw tons of rainbows
Driving with all the windows down
this is a jackson tradition to get this pie in Hawaii so I had to get it you can tell it was really hard for me to keep the family tradition giong!

when we went on our whale watching tour we saw a ton of dolphins

Our tour guides were awesome and one of them caught this octopus for us to play with during lunch and after we let it go!
Thank again for a great trip I'm so thankful for great friends and an amazing husband! I'm a very lucky girl!


Tan+Charee+Chloe+Tru said...

what more could you ask for?! beautiful friends inside and out and fun times! im so glad you all did that:)

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh! cuteness x 10! What cute fun pictures! {...except to the octopus!}