Sunday, September 20, 2009

gone fishin

we went camping at silver lake with Steven and Rachel, and Spencer and Brittany. It was a blast if you haven't been up there your really missing out, it beautiful!
Rachel caught a big one!

After a night of camping we decided to go fishing and i was determined to catch my first fish!
my first fish! I'm very proud!

Hitch Hikers

so every time i got into my car and started driving there was a new insect a.k.a. hitch hiker on our car, i thought it was so funny i finally pulled out my camera and got a picture of two of them! the best part is that they would hang on for the entire car ride!


i think this is such a beautiful picture of hope!

Sydney LOVES getting on the scooter with Scotty and so does Hopie!

I love this picture because big sister Syd is trying so hard to not fall off but she wants to help her little sister so bad! i love these girlies so much!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

San Diego!

Sorry guys but i had to do it!

can you believe that, a thousand dollar fine and jail time if you feed a peacock!

So on sunday we all went for a walk and thought we would be able to go through the peacock park. Turns out they were closed but there were baby peacock right in side the gate and i really wanted a picture......and Brit and I fit through the gate.......can you blame us. i promise we just went in for a picture and then went right out. (anyone who knows me knows i'm a total wuss when it comes to the law)

the picture we broke in for!
on the last day of our trip to San Diego we got to stay at the mission home there. Spencer's uncle is the mission president down there and there is a peacock park right next across the street so they were everywhere!
Scotty and Spence looking like peacocks
the market! Scotty found this hat while we were there and made me take a picture...... it looks good don't cha think?!
on our way to market day i got bored again and started taking pictures in the car yet again.cute face Brit!

standing in line at Disney Land! "The happiest place on earth".
this is a family in Anaheim that scotty taught while he was serving a mission
I love to drive around and look at homes so after the beach we went to see the homes around there. there was a beautiful home on the left and a beautiful home on the right and then THIS. i have never seen such an ugly home and its right off a cliff, such an amazing location and such an ugly house! to bad!

I love sand in my toes!

look at all the birds on the rock behind Scotty!
the L.A. temple

our little friend at the beach.
waiting to get to the temple in L.A. traffic

this was the coolest tree on the temple grounds.

the River

we went on this way fun trip with a group of friends and had a week of laughing and summer fun! thank you so much to Toni and Sarah for starting our summer off right, we had a great time!
(Chris and nick on the jet ski )

please notice the price for eight skittles....$2.50 what a joke!

the London bridge
this one is for bird( if you zoom into this picture you will notice this man has a raccoon tail on the back of his hat).

this picture doesn't do it justice the houses there were so beautiful.


The boys were taking the water weenie and jumping over it out in the middle of the lake.
the girls!

the snake whisperer

this is our cute and very brave niece Chloe! Yes, that is a real SNAKE that she is CUDDLING to her face. I could never do that and she is so comfortable with it. She's truly is the most fearless little girl i have ever seen! this summer she and her brother Jackson have been seeing how many snakes they can catch..... i think their up to 20 now!


thats right this is a quesadilla, we were in a hurry and this brilliant idea came to me to just make it in the panini maker that way both sides would be done at the same time. it worked but as you can see it was a little stiff! ha ha
Sid was so good on the way home from Arizona.

her earing so cute!


my mom,Cali, her two girls and i went to go visit my sister Charee down in Arizona for the weekend and while we were there we went to get hopes ears pierced! they look so adorable

this is Charee's cheeser with the Cheetos!

Hope was getting a bath and i didn't noticed till she stood up that the water might have been to hot. poor Hope had a hard weekend first the ears and then this, sorry Hopie!


This was our first car together and i miss it so much but with gas prices, it had to go. i loved this car so much not only was it my dream car but we put it to good use with all the outdoor activity's Scotty loves so much, we will miss it!

let's go fly a kite

we got to play with our cute nieces, Sidney and hope for the day!

We made a kite with the girls and as you can see Sidney loved it!