Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two year Anniversary

When Scotty and I were heading home from the temple after getting married we stopped off at Wendy's and now we have made a tradition out of it!
Scotty surprised me with a trip to go see Becky for my Anniversary present! Thank you thank you thank you so much scotty i had a blast! you knew i was missing Becks like crazy, your the best husband and you always treat me to good!
If you look closely at this picture you will notice that Scotty's back is soaking wet from driving to San Francisco with no AC! ha ha luckily we had a blast together on the drive down!

Pier 39, if you have ever been there that you know why I'm plugging my nose

Ha ha Scotty and I think these look so weird!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Charee, Devon and I went to breakfast all together the other morning up at Sundance, and my cute friend Angie who is the receptionist there was so cute with chloe! while we were waiting for our food she got her a sucker, as you can see and the reason she is staring at the bowl is because behind it is Angies I Phone playing Mickey mouse club! talk about spoiled, thank you so much for being so sweet to chloe!
This is about how the entire breakfast went for chloe!

Sunday Fun!

Beaner and her dad

She couldn't get enough of uncle Devon's motorcycle
i love that Chloe is digging into Uncle Devon's legs shes so nerves and Sydney was holding on the the front of the motorcycle, having so much fun!
This is my brothers wife Cali with their bean machine!

A Day with the Girls!

these are my nieces... Hope, Chloe and Sydney! We were walking in for some shopping and i couldn't resisted taking this cute picture!

Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary

Carly and Griff had their one year anniversary and invited us to go to lake Powell and celebrate with them! we had a BLAST thank you so much!

we ate dinner at the blue Buddha!

we had this little friend waiting for us when we got home from sushi

Lake Powell

I took this picture on the drive home, we live in a beautiful world !
Please click into this photo and have a good laugh with me... they all look so funny!
the lost boys!

Scotty and Dan

Sunday, November 15, 2009

lake powell

we dropped the boys off for a hike and after a hour we started to wonder where they were the next thing we knew we were being surrounded by floating bushes,wait.... those are our husbands! they were very proud!

the gang!

scotty and i LOVE lake powell, after all its where we met!

lake Powell

the girls getting ready for the scoctagon!

guppy on the green monster!

the boys cliff jumping

so our friend BJ brought wake skis and they were hilarious. scotty gets on them his first run and has to start doing tricks Ha Ha they were so fun!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

gone fishin

we went camping at silver lake with Steven and Rachel, and Spencer and Brittany. It was a blast if you haven't been up there your really missing out, it beautiful!
Rachel caught a big one!

After a night of camping we decided to go fishing and i was determined to catch my first fish!
my first fish! I'm very proud!

Hitch Hikers

so every time i got into my car and started driving there was a new insect a.k.a. hitch hiker on our car, i thought it was so funny i finally pulled out my camera and got a picture of two of them! the best part is that they would hang on for the entire car ride!


i think this is such a beautiful picture of hope!

Sydney LOVES getting on the scooter with Scotty and so does Hopie!

I love this picture because big sister Syd is trying so hard to not fall off but she wants to help her little sister so bad! i love these girlies so much!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

San Diego!

Sorry guys but i had to do it!

can you believe that, a thousand dollar fine and jail time if you feed a peacock!

So on sunday we all went for a walk and thought we would be able to go through the peacock park. Turns out they were closed but there were baby peacock right in side the gate and i really wanted a picture......and Brit and I fit through the gate.......can you blame us. i promise we just went in for a picture and then went right out. (anyone who knows me knows i'm a total wuss when it comes to the law)

the picture we broke in for!
on the last day of our trip to San Diego we got to stay at the mission home there. Spencer's uncle is the mission president down there and there is a peacock park right next across the street so they were everywhere!
Scotty and Spence looking like peacocks
the market! Scotty found this hat while we were there and made me take a picture...... it looks good don't cha think?!
on our way to market day i got bored again and started taking pictures in the car yet again.cute face Brit!

standing in line at Disney Land! "The happiest place on earth".