Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Love to Ride My bicycle

Scottie works so hard at school and I'm so proud of him! He recently finished a project were the group came up with a bike sharing system! this is the day of the presentation that went every well by the way! your amazing love keep up the great work!

the Nelson Family

On our way home from Salt Lake we stopped by the Nelsons house. I used to nanny for them and LOVED it, I'm so happy we keep in touch with them!

This is Phoebe! Isn't she cute?!

This is Rubee and her friend Cameron! Shes such a heat breaker!

Mrs. Hatch

Ashley, Becky, me, heather and Brenna at Becky's shower!

Grandma Grace, Callie,me, Charee, Momma Lew and Becky! Becky was sealed to john hatch on December 6 in the mount Timpanogos temple. it was absolutely beautiful and so was she! I love you so much Becky and couldn't have hand picked a more amazing man for you, when we were congratulating you guys in the line i looked at John and started to cry because the spirit had touched me so deeply that this is the man that's truly perfect for you!You two are a perfect match and i just wanted to tell you that! love you guys!

I'm Wet I'm Wet!

Halloween night we decided to go camping with our awesome friends Spencer and Brittany. While Brittany and i ate about ten cookies each and watched a halloween movie in the car, the boys built a home made tent(which we didn't think we had to supervise, but oh were we wrong) just in case it rained but Scottie had assured me if it did it would only be a drizzle. Well guess what: it did! But it wasn't just a drizzle... it was pouring! Luckily the boys put us girls in the middle so that if it did rain we wouldn't get wet. Now if you take a better look at this photo, you'll notice the big dark spot of water and the hole in the tarp right above it. The tarp was loose, so all the water went right through the hole! In the middle of the night i woke up because i freezing. As i started to wake up i noticed i wasn't just cold but soaking wet! I must admit at first i was wondering if i had wet the bed because i couldn't figure out how the inside of my sleeping bag could be so wet! When i realized where the water was coming from i started yelling I'm wet I'm wet! After realizing there was nothing i could do about it i went back to bed. In the morning we were all trying to warm up by the fire when i said "its to bad our tarps had holes in them." To that Scottie replied "no, just the one on top did. The bottom one was fine." Lesson learned ladies: supervise your men! ha ha ha i love you Scottie and thanks for the great story to share!

Pumpkin Fest 2008

Every year at the woolsten-shimers we get together to carve pumpkins and this is just a few of them!

this is Heather, A.K.A. Theo (practically family!)

Chris and Heather's pumpkin!

our pumpkin, can you tell what is says?

You and Me Goin Fishin in the Dark!

I have never been fishing with Scottie so he asked me if i would go on a date fishing with him for family home evening. It was a ton of fun even though we didn't catch anything, better luck next time!

Scottie was a very good teacher and i cant wait to try it again!

Me... the newbie!

the Hills are Alive...

Scottie and I went on a hike to Big Springs. This is a beaver dam we saw (or as Sydney would say a "beaber"!)

I love going hikes when the leaves are changing, I don't know how you could be up in the mountains looking at all of heavenly father's beautiful creations and not feel his love! I'm so thankful for our heavenly father and all the amazing things he has given us!

Sunday Dinners

So, every other Sunday My family gets together and my mom always makes an amazing dinner for all of us! Thanks so much mom for the fabulous home cooked meals and all the fun memories we get to make on Sundays! When the table is all set and we are sitting down, someone always says "wow! That's a lot of food!." I love it! It reminds me of when Becky says "my mom could solve world hunger with one of her blue ribbon pies" (from drop dead gorgeous) Well i KNOW my mom could with one of her Sunday dinners! Love ya momma Lew! These are just some cute pictures i took of the girls on a Sunday. This is Chloe, Charee and Tanner's cute one year old!

This is Hope, A.K.A "Cookies" (or "esperanza"). She is Callie and Tyson's youngest. Isn't she so cute? I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks!

This is our Sydney bean, Callie and Tyson's oldest girly! Wearing uncle Tanna-be's hat. We love all you girls so much!

Pumpkin Carving

We went on a date with our cute friends Jason and Tiffany who we love so much and always have a blast with!

This is Tiffany! Isn't she so cute and tiny? I love it!

Confession: my favorite part about carving the pumpkin is gutting it! i don't know why, but ever since i was a kid i have always loved it!

Coolest Scooter EVER

So i had just picked Scottie up from school when he flipped the car around and said "I'm sorry babe, but i have got to check something out." He asked me for the camera and hopped out of the car. That's how we came to have this beaut on our blog! Can you believe that exhaust pipe?!

Child Labor

When we got back from our trip we had a ton of laundry to do. Luckily, Chloe was there to do it for us, now Liz really knows what we do when we watch her kids! just kidding!

aTrip to Washington

On the way to our cousins' house in Washington, Sydney got a little restless. So what did i do? I pulled out my Mary Poppins bag and gave her all of my lip gloss. The good news is she LOVED it, the bad news is that all my lip gloss ended up on Nana's, Sydney's, and my lips (and face)! We had so much fun in the car with our bean bean!

I love this picture of my mom and her sister Kim! Aren't they gorgeous!

Tubbie time for choler (Chloe dosent look so sure about it... ha ha ) with her mom and my best friend and sister! i love ya Reebe!

Hopie is so cute and i love her eyes in this!

Scottie had so much fun giving hope her bottle and putting her to bed! He is going to be such a good daddy!

Sydney is a big animal lover! While we were in Washington she fell in love with goats, anytime someone would go with her to play with the goats she was in heaven!

My cousins also have beautiful chickens and i loved this picture!

This is my youngest cousin Millie! She was showing us how to get the eggs from the coop!

safety first!

In Ellensberg its extremely windy and they have wind farms! it was a blast thank you so much mom and dad for making it possible for all of us to go up and visit aunt Kim and uncle Rick for the week we had so much fun! Thank you aunt Kim and uncle Rick for the great hospitality everything about this trip was amazing!

Lip Injections

so Becky hatch and i were hanging out the other day and she so graciously taught me how to make this beautiful face!

and when you have such a fabulous beauty secret the right thing to do is share it, right!
Lookin fab Car!

First Anniversary!

So i haven't been the best at keeping up on this blogging thing so i am starting from our one year anniversary! (which was in august)

Right after Scottie and I were married we went to WENDY'S! and after we ordered our food Scottie realized he didn't have his wallet. we started looking all over the car for change and ended up not having enough money. Scottie asked if we could take something off the order and the man at the window looked into the car and saw that I was in a wedding dress and told us congrats and that we didn't need to pay! we decided to start a tradition of going to Wendy's on our anniversary!
This is your wedding cake and it was surprisingly really good!

My cute hubby chopping wood for a fire! Scottie and I spent our anniversary up at his cute Papa's cabin in salt lake. It was so beautiful up there! I loved it! Thanks again Scottie for this fun surprise, i love you so much!

We finished our night off by going outside and watching the stars while we talked.