Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chloe's Pumpkin Song

Chloe sang this for us the other day, and she was such a little heartbreaker that we had to record it. Enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

On top of the World!

Spence and I hiked timp just before it started getting cold. It was an incredible experience. I had forgotten what a beautiful hike it is. It really makes you realize the expanse of God's love for us. He sure created one amazing world for us to enjoy! We went half way in the evening, camped just below the top, and then summited and went back down the next morning.

This is us at the summit.
Spence is my hero! Somehow I convinced him to jump in emerald lake- he is hillarious! (the other end of the lake has a glacier running into it)

Me at the bottom of the glacier.

This moose came walking out of the bushes right in front of us. I was within ten feet! Other wildlife we saw included deer, elk, rocky mountain sheep, and marmots.

Bear Lake... Again!

We took yet another Bear Lake trip, thanks to our amazing friends Spence and Brit. This time we brought Dev and Ky along and it was tons of fun to spend time and be around them more. Highlights included night time swimming, sleeping out on the deck, wakeboarding, Shotgun shooting at night (with a spot light), wakeskating behind the 4-wheelers, and of course the amazing chocolate covered raspberries. Dev drove, which was super nice of him considering the gas mileage he gets- thanks Dev!

Edward ruins women!!!

This is Chelsey's vampire binge. She put her life aside for about a week when the new Stephanie Meyers book came out. Thankfully, she came running back to me as soon as she finished, and is still as sweet as ever! (We should probably introduce our new apartment with pictures that are more charming than this. Expect them soon.)

Hot Pots

Lately we have become regulars at the hot pots. Our most recent trip was with Jason and Tiff. We had a blast! The canyon was breathtaking on the way up, we goofed around a bunch, hot tubbed with the usual weirdos up there, had one amazing rock skip, and made some fun memories. If you've never been there, go!

Friday, October 17, 2008

We Moved!

Farewell 47 west 700 north! It wasn't much to look at on the outside, but we made it our home on the inside. When we returned from San Francisco, we walked in the door and were floored by the smell of smoke. Turns out a chain smoker lady had moved in upstairs, and we were out of there within a couple of days.

When i got this masive box from Ikea Scotty said we would never use it! I sure showed him!
We fit 95% of our belongings in the truck- Scotty has pretty impressive tetris skills! (or we're just extremely poor and don't have a lot of stuff...)

We realized we had a free weekend... 3 hours later we found ourselves in San Francisco!

Pier 39: we watched these seals for at least an hour!

Our favorite mode of transportation: the "BART"

What's a trip to San Francisco without a cruise through China Town? We loved asking everyone "nee-how-ma?"

While in the city we decided we had to see everything. We started off on foot, and before we knew it we had been all over the city, and experienced far more than you possibly could in a car. We fell in love with this diverse, charming city!

We even stumbled upon a "legalize marijuana" protest. This guy was kind enough to pose for us with his 3-foot long joint (and check out his ink!). Needless to say, after snaping a few photos we were out of there!

We made the long trek to Haight-Ashbury, and found that the hippies never left! This old man had "peace walker" written across his back in red, white, and blue.

Wild city!

Cool tree... (and an adorable girl...)

This city was obviously made for the Jackson's to visit

Chelsey claims we will one day live in the little city of Sausalito. It would almost be worth moving there just for the breakfast we had in a little Sausalito corner cafe!

We left our hearts in San Francisco!


Nick broke his jaw wakeboarding a while ago and he was a blast to chill with in the hospital! We love nick!

Arizona Trip...

We took a little trip to AZ this spring- it was full of lazy days, fun family times, good food, a temple trip, scooting, and indians